ICS-translate: Meet Our Global Translation Agency

Translation is about removing barriers. ICS-translate is a community of language professionals who understand that multilingual content is the key to reaching consumers around the world. Those professionals are the cornerstone of our comprehensive translation service that helps businesses reach and engage their target audiences.

What We Do at ICS-translate

ICS-translate works with multilingual content, whether that’s a single offline document from one language to another or a comprehensive website translated into a dozen languages. That’s on top of scripts, subtitles, graphics and more; we can adapt almost any piece of content for its new home.

We have expertise in multilingual SEO, social media marketing, PPC and analytics, and international digital PR. We also partner with translation professionals specialising in gaming, iGaming, finance, travel, legal and ecommerce. That’s how we ensure that brands, products and services can speak to millions of people around the world with clarity and energy.

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Based in Leeds, Active Worldwide

We’re proud to lead an international network of content creators, translators and editors from our Leeds office. Working alongside our in-house experts, our linguists are well-placed to deliver authoritative and engaging content to give any brand a worldwide presence.

ICS-translate was formed in 2002 as a natural progression of the international services our sister company ICS-digital has always provided. Since then, we have grown to include 30+ in-house professionals plus more than 1,000 contributors working in over 100 languages.


Languages translated


Native-language subject matter experts

Internationally active

Precise, industry-specific translation

World-class language services


File formats covered

Native speaking editors

In-house experts

Global presence

Internationally active
Native speaking editors
Precise, industry-specific translation
In-house experts
10,000 editorial partners
World-class language services
500+ native-language subject matter experts
1,000 international content creators

Certified Translation Quality

Our complete translation service has ISO 17100:2015 certification. That means we have a proven track record of meeting our clients’ requirements to provide quality translations, including following industry codes and meeting specifications for content in regulated sectors.

What It’s Like to Work with ICS-translate

At ICS-translate we go the extra mile. To secure the best results for our clients, we combine market-leading tools with our human expertise in a hybrid approach that’s tailored to the needs of each individual project. That unique blend of knowledge, skill and flexibility is ingrained in our values and we pour it into everything we do.

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