Translations By Sector and Industry

There's no substitute for industry expertise and translation specialisms. We work with translators experienced in each of our specialist sectors. That allows brands to build complete trust with their international customers.

Translations with Industry Terminology & Conceptual Understanding

At ICS-translate, we believe that translations from sector specialists are the only way to produce a faithful other-language version of any text. That’s because translations require translators who know their languages and sector inside out, for the same reason that the best original content comes from writers with industry knowledge.

We work with professionals who have a translation specialisation because they understand that within their industry an otherwise innocuous term or concept has specific connotations and they need to choose one in the target language to reflect that.

We’ll Help You Get It Right First Time

Working with professionals who specialise in certain translation fields saves time and expense because it’s the best way to get it right first time. For the perfect translation, the industries we work in can be found below.

Crypto & Blockchain
Ecommerce & Retail
Public Sector & Education
Travel & Tourism
Video Games

Crypto & Blockchain

In today's fast-paced global economy, the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is rapidly evolving. ICS-translate provides high-quality and reliable translation services from our team of expert linguists, who constantly stay ahead of developments in the industry.

Ecommerce & Retail

Retailers and ecommerce businesses must reach customers around the world to remain competitive. This requires a strong digital presence that accurately reflects the brand's voice and message in each language it operates in. However, the complexities of translation in ecommerce and retail can be daunting for even the most experienced companies.


The often complex world of finance is made accessible by ICS-translate. Through our work with the likes of IG and Skilling, we’ve gained valuable experience in handling statistics, data and technical terminology. This in-house expertise, combined with translation memory technology, ensures industry-specific terms are translated accurately every time.


ICS-translate’s team of iGaming translation experts can help your betting or casino brand succeed in global markets by providing accurate, culturally appropriate translations that resonate with local audiences.


As a leading provider of language solutions for the legal sector, we understand the importance of accuracy and precision in legal translations. ICS-translate provides high-quality translations for law firms, legal departments of companies, and other legal professionals.

Public Sector & Education

For businesses and organisations operating in the public sector and education sectors, the need for accurate translations is crucial for successful communication. Speaking effectively to different target audiences is where ICS-translate excels.

Travel & Tourism

With different languages and cultural nuances, effective communication is essential to ensure a seamless travel experience. That’s where ICS-translate's travel and tourism translation services come in.

Video Games

The global video game industry is booming, with revenue expected to reach nearly $400 billion by the end 2023. As a leading provider of video game translation and localisation services, ICS-translate ensures your titles are accessible and appealing to a global audience.

Translation Specialisms Are the Key to a New Target Audience

When a business chooses ICS-translate, only native speakers will translate their content – it’s a cornerstone of the ISO standard that underscores everything we do. 

All text types have a tone of voice to help them land with their target audience and a native speaker can best capture that as they adapt the text for its new home.

ICS-translate in Numbers

From our beginnings as a translation agency in the UK, we’ve built up a network of over 1,000 international content creators, translators and editors. Working alongside in-house experts, our linguists are renowned for delivering a faithful translation of content to engage brands’ global target audiences. We’ve also got the numbers to back up our reputation.


languages we offer translations services in


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