Our global network of specialists provides professional translation services for hundreds of language pairs. Explore the most in-demand languages and find out why you can count on ICS-translate as your go-to language services provider.

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Fast & Accurate Chinese Translation Services

We lead an international network of translators, editors and language specialists that are best placed to give your brand the international recognition it deserves.

ICS-translate is proud to hold the ISO 17100:2015 certification. That means we have a proven track record of meeting our clients’ requirements to provide quality translations, including following industry codes and meeting specifications for content in highly regulated sectors.

Our Chinese translation services are provided by human, native-speaking translators. While our specialist proofreaders perform manual checks for accuracy and quality assurance, we also use CAT tools that check as we translate, preventing potentially wider issues in the first instance.

As standard, we offer Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation services - whether you need to translate into or from Simplified or Traditional, Mandarin or Cantonese, ICS-translate can accommodate your request. We’re also able to localise between any number of language combinations and pairs, so please get in touch for a bespoke offer.

Why Is Chinese Translation Important for Brands?

China’s status as a manufacturing giant and the world’s second-largest economy are no secret. The success of its major ecommerce brands are a surface-level indicator of the potential for any online retail business hoping to break into this vast country, driven by imports and exports.

When a translation requires a reversal of writing direction and a change into or out of a character-based system, everyone working on it must consider where the translation will appear and how the new text will fit into that. ICS-translate and our pool of collaborators are so attuned to the bigger picture that this is second nature. If your business needs a Chinese translation, then you can expect perfection every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Translation Services

More than translation, our language services are designed to achieve real connection with your customers with a fully-integrated approach to multilingual content.

Desktop Publishing

To make a good first impression and seal the deal with customers, any business strives to ensure their outward-facing texts look effortlessly polished.
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Quality Assurance

Linguistic quality assurance is about catching objective inconsistencies and errors once all subjective tweaks have been made to a text.
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White Label Translation

We can run all our solutions as a white-label translation service. We’re here to support any agency or business looking to expand a translation project beyond their core services.
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Video Translation

Don’t let your video get lost in translation. If your material is getting a significant number of hits, make sure it’s accessible to everyone.
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Audio Translation

Whether it’s a marketing message, an instructional piece or pure entertainment, we can capture the content of original audio with multiple language versions that engage global listeners.
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It's not enough to just speak their language - our in-country specialists go above and beyond to tailor every aspect of a business’ content to its international audiences.
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Accuracy, empathy and confidentiality are critical to interpreting services. Acting remotely over video or phone call, we provide a quick, confident and accurate interpreting service.
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Subtitling has become the number-one choice of video localisation technique for a number of target cultures. ICS-translate can help businesses take advantage of that.
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By embracing transcreation, major companies can successfully bridge the gap between cultures, foster engagement, and build a strong brand presence globally.
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ICS-translate in Numbers

Our network of over 1,000 international translators and editors work alongside our in-house experts, consistently delivering faithful translation of content to engage brands’ global target audiences. We’ve got the numbers to back up our reputation as a leading translation agency in the UK.


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We're Dedicated to Our Clients

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Head of Delivery

“It has been a pleasure to work with ICS. Reliable service of great quality, managing even the tightest deadlines.”

Nikolais Rudenko

“A trusted and reliable partner. The committed team at ICS-translate has always delivered work on time and to a high standard.”

Larry Kuperman
Director of Business Development

“ICS-translate has been our exclusive partner for localisation services, the only one that we have needed.”

You'll always receive a friendly and fast reply from us - so let's get the conversation started.

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